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Unbuilt architecture is made visible – conveyed into a language, which is decoded universally: the image. An aesthetic and artistic pictorial composition has the power to inspire and uncover the potentiality of a concept. Images are not only the figurative illustration of a plan – images can capture the spirit and nature of a whole project.
Doro Dietz Architectural Visualization was founded in 2011. Doro Dietz is an experienced architectural visualizer working with an international network of architects, project managers and film producers.


  • Foster + Partners, London UK
  • Herzog & de Meuron, Basel Switzerland
  • Graft, Berlin Germany
  • Specter Architektur, Zurich Switzerland
  • Agenci Praxis, Mexico City Mexico
  • n3 medialab, Berlin Germany
  • ShaGa Studio, Amsterdam Netherlands
  • Atelier Chang, Zurich Switzerland
  • bf Studio Architekten, Berlin Germany
  • ada Axia Design Agentur, Berlin Germany

Contact Imprint

Doro Dietz-Hodgson
Architectural Visualization
Valborg Alle 32
2500 Valby
Tel: +45 60723277
CVR-nummer: 38 30 76 73



Dorothee Dietz
Architektur Visualisierung

Carl-Orff-Str. 35

D-55127 Mainz


Tel.: +491776177063


Ust-Id-Nr.: DE 277 086125